• Signaling Routing for SS7 and Diameter


The general signaling network of telecommunications is subject to immense changes. The traditional circuit-switched infrastructure of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) runs side by side with the new Internet Protocol (IP) based technologies and the evolution of SS7 signaling to Diameter signaling. The task has been to implement new technologies with lower costs and the ability to implement rapidly expanded IP-based services. Now we are facing the second stage of this development. Virtualization is the magic word to bring it to a point. New technologies, cost-effective and future-proof. The change from the traditional, wired PSTN to the IP based network was the first step. The second step is a fundamental shift in the core network from the SS7-based signaling to the diameter signaling. The teleSys MACH7 platform combines both functionalities iSTP and iDC in one product.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Call number evaluation and routing of the signaling messages in the direction of the selected subscriber (forwarding to the destination switching center / destination MSC or network transfer)
  • Queries in subscriber databases, to which network operator a subscriber belongs.
  • In mobile networks: Forward the subscriber data from the HLR to the VLR of the target MSC
  • Global Title Translation in the SCCP layer so that the signaling messages transmitted in this layer end-to-end are routed to the correct point code
  • Filter functions allow to prevent or reject certain types of signaling messages as required
  • Diameter manipulation for Interoperability issues


  • Dimension Data VCCAP / ETSI NFV
  • Virtual Diameter Controller
  • Virtual Signaling Transfer Point