• SPIRIT/21 Industrial IoT Platform


The SPIRIT/21 IIoT & Automation Platform serves as middleware between your field devices and your existing systems or as a central location to store and process your data. With DELL industry grade Edge Gateways and the SPIRIT/21 edge software you get a universal data aggregation system for any sensor or plant – no matter which industry protocol or IT protocol is used. Your data is securely transferred and cached on the gateway until the database write is acknowledged. With a scalable system (including database) and an intuitive data visualization module you get the power to create your own BI. Flexible data processing and flow-based programming enables power-users and DevOps-engineers to tune the business logic on the go. Using only open source software the solution belongs to the customer. It offers you flexible hosting in the cloud, on-premises, at NTT or as Managed Service by SPIRIT/21 or any combination of these. Container technology orchestrated by OpenShift offers HA, loadbalancing and scalability out of the box while being super resource efficient. NTT demo: The SPIRIT/21 IIoT & Automation Platform is used for reading a wireless electricity meter via wMBus protocol and to acquire data from distance measurement sensors via one DELL Edge Gateway. Live visualization and analytics of the consumed electricity and the distance data is performed in the backend.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Consolidation of the "software zoo" in the field – acquire and process any sensor data using any protocol with one single backend. Only the gateway at the edge changes depending on the sensor protocol.
  • Central processing point for everything producing data.
  • "Think big, start small" Start with affordable prototype. 100% reuse from prototype to production.
  • Easy and affordable start into Industry 4.0.
  • Live monitoring both OT and IT & automated actions increased yield rates in production.
  • More data means more insight and more control.
  • Endless possibilities without disrupting existing systems/processes (if desired).


  • OpenShift
  • Microservices
  • Flow-Based Programming
  • Industry Protocols
  • DELL Edge Gateways