• Ultrasounds


With a view to reduce the number of operational repetitive tasks carried out logging in/out of a given application (i.e. for Branch managers), users can automatically perform these without entering their credentials manually by using ultrasound technology while maintaining the standard security levels. The user controls the access with ultrasound status via their mobile app. Once selected to log in and closer to the computer, it will detect, validate and process the sounds via its microphone and will log in the user into the application automatically. Conversely, should the user leave the desk and the computer does not detect ultrasounds for a specific period of time, it would then log the user out. Separately, this technology enables users to exchange documents with customers, for instance the simulation of a mortgage.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Increases security in the branch, preventing the manager from leaving his desk and not logging out of their computer.
  • Creates a simpler journey for users over repetitive operational tasks.
  • Additionally, it allows users to send documents in an agile, secure and simple way.


  • Ultrasounds