• Unified solution for managing critical infrastructures


Infosim’s StableNet solution provides an automated service fulfillment and service assurance solution for telcos, service providers and enterprises. Cause of two different versions, ‘telco’ and ‘enterprise’ it address nearly all current technical challenges and customer infrastructures as well. A service oriented architecture (SOA) satisfy all management domains like fault-, performance-, config- and inventory management as well as additional like reporting, vulnerability or backups. Use unique advantage of  getting one solution for all your needs – empower your enterprise to provide proactive monitoring. Keep away your customer from interrupts or low throughput. Manage, activate and guarantee current valuable services and ensure your business.

Customer values/problems solved

  • Monitor you network traffic in completely full automated way. Follow network peaks and don’t worry about morphing networks like in SDN/NFV environments. StableNet supports new technologies like this as well as virtualization or containering.
  • Using techniques like dynamic network loads (bonding) requires a management system who knows such connections and can represent this – in graphical manner as well as for billing or routing mechanism. StableNet dives into techniques behind and fulfill your needs.


  • Dimension Data VCCAP / ETSI NFV
  • Infosim StableNet
  • OSS / BSS