• Webcast: Data and AI for the Future of Finance

Crypto currencies, mobile banking, investment analytics - The Financial Services industry is experiencing rapid change as technology creates challenges and opportunities for both established industry players as well as new entry start-ups. Financial service providers need to adopt new technologies like Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to keep pace. Data and Artificial Intelligence are unlocking new value in the banking and finance industry and the right set of partners is key for success.
Which technologies and solutions are essential for the future of finance?
How can these technologies be implemented and applied in the best way?
How will data be handled and leveraged in this context?
The NTT Technology Experience Lab brought together several experts from different fields to deliver valuable insights and answer your questions about this topic on May 20, 2020.

The webcast recording in its entirety can be found below:

The individual presentations can be found below:

Dominik Friedel, Business Development Manager, Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd.:


Yannic Ahrens, Cloud Architect, Cloud&Heat Technologies:

A security-focused Kubernetes platform for AI-based applications

Stephan Hinze, Managing Director, Neurocat:

Fraud and money-laundering is bad, deploying unsafe AI is worse

Simon Kenny, Co-Founder & CEO, Hoptroff London:

Traceable Timing – trusted timestamps to underpin clean data

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