• Webcast: Solving the Data Challenge for Autonomous Driving

Today's major developments in the mobility sector contribute to one common vision: seamless transportation in autonomous vehicles on interconnected road networks. One of the core technologies in this visionary mobility concept is – obviously – the autonomous vehicle, which is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input. Therefore, it is necessary to train the car with real environment data, which needs to be collected, transferred, pre-processed and stored beforehand. This process requires a complex chain of technologies from different providers.
The NTT Technology Experience Lab brought together several highly experienced technology partners to build up a holistic solution, the “Data Garage”:

1. B-plus: Data recording on the road
2. IBM: Data storage on-premise
3. Incenda AI: Data processing with intelligent algorithms
4. Lenovo: Hardware systems for data storage and AI
5. NTT Global Data Centers: Data transfer and upload into the cloud

The webcast on May 27, 2020 answered the question of how autonomous vehicle training data can be recorded, pre-processed, stored and uploaded into the cloud.

The webcast recording in its entirety can be found below (in German):

The individual presentations can be found below:

Dominik Friedel, Business Development Manager, Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd.:


Alexander Noack, Head of Automotive Electronics, b-plus:

Pioneering New Mobility

Frank Kraemer, IT Architect, IBM:

Data Management Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

Florian Netter, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Incenda AI:

Making Artificial Intelligence Safe and Robust

Karsten Kutzer, Sr. Sales Engineer High Performance Computing, Lenovo:

IT Hardware for Cloud & AI

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