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Virtual Grand Opening Q&A

Bruno Berti, VP of Product Management, and Chris Sachse, Global Sales Engineer, sat down for a Q&A session during the virtual grand opening of our new Chicago and Hillsboro Data Centers in February. Watch the video below for the entire Q&A, or check out a few top questions and answers...

Tim Stone

There are dozens of resources and articles to help you find the right data center partner. However, few address the ins and outs of day one of your deployment. What happens? Who can help you get set up quickly? Where does your equipment get dropped off?   That's just the beginning....

Bruno Berti
VA2 Data Center

Bruno Berti, VP of Product Management, joined a panel at the DatacenterDynamics event, Datacenter-as-a-Service, to discuss how the pandemic impacted customer requirements for data center space, how providers worked with customers preparing for unpredictable capacity limits due to the pandemic,...

Shoieb Yunus

In today’s world, we see data anywhere and everywhere. Data comes in different shapes and sizes, such as video, voice, text, photos, objects, maps, charts, and spreadsheets. Can you imagine life without a smartphone, social apps, GPS, ride-hailing, or e-commerce? Data is at the center of how...

Shoieb Yunus

Undoubtedly, cloud computing is on the rise. Enterprises are adopting hybrid multi-cloud strategies to find a balance between what to keep on-premises (or in a data center) versus moving to the public cloud.    Approximately 70% of enterprise applications have...

Shoieb Yunus
e-shelter innovation lab

What should you look for in a strong network ecosystem? The most crucial aspect is that data center clients should be able to connect to cloud service providers (CSPs), their vendors and partners, and their own network assets through a private connection, without going over public Internet, on a...

Global Data Centers Staff

As COVID-19 still spreads throughout the world, there is mounting evidence that the social distancing measures that public entities, private enterprises, and individuals have embraced, are having an effect on flattening the curve.  However, there is still much to learn and do, yet at the...

Vimal Kaw

From liquid cooling to lithium batteries, we take a look at some of the hottest technologies and trends that will change the way data centers are built or managed. Even as the data center industry continues to grow fast on the back of huge demand, the industry is known for its constant...

Take Advantage of Our Cloud Exchange Neutral Strategy Cloud Connect is NTT Global Data Center Americas’ cloud exchange neutral portfolio of services, delivery private and secure connections to the major public cloud service providers, application providers (SaaS) and the enterprise...

Mission-ready for integration tasks of any size NTT Global Data Centers customers can save time and money by utilizing our staff of data center deployment specialists to deliver their data center infrastructure requirements. We take deployment risk, planning and execution off your plate...



NTTは北米、ヨーロッパ、アフリカ、インドおよびAPACを含む20以上の国と地域で展開する「Colocation and Interconnection Services MarketScape」において調査会社IDCにより世界の三大リーダーの一社に位置付けられています。中立的な企業として、当社は複数のクラウド事業者や多種多様なインターネットエクスチェンジ、当社のIPv6に対応したtier 1グローバルIPネットワークを含む通信ネットワーク事業者へのアクセスを提供しています。お客さまは専用インフラの利用が可能で、信頼性と拡張性が高くカスタマイズ可能な当社の全てのデータセンターにおいて、設計と運用が一貫したベストプラクティスを実感できます。


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