• Cyberjaya 4 Data Center

Cyberjaya 4 Data Center

The data center provides high-quality services and can respond to a wide variety of IT requests. Our Cyberjaya 4 Data Center is certified by The Green Building Index (GBI), which is an evaluation standard for green buildings in Malaysia. Malaysia features lower electricity and labour costs and is becoming popular as an ICT system hub, offshore center and backup site for disaster recovery in the Asia Pacific area. A fully equipped office building is available inside the data center campus as a system monitoring center or business continuity planning (BCP) office.

Cyberjaya 4 Overview

  • 5,200 sqm of data center space
  • 2.7 MW of critical IT load
  • Fully-fitted colocation space and private suites
  • Shell and core areas available
  • Multi service interconnection platform
  • Cross connects

Take a look inside Cyberjaya 4

Main Entrance

  • Reception and visitor verification desk
  • In-house security staff to secure the site 24x7x365


  • Offices, storage space and pre-installation rooms
  • Common areas such as meeting rooms and kitchen

IT Space

  • Fully-fitted: colocation rack, carrier rack, cage and suite
  • 24/7 remote-hands service

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Cyberjaya 4 Specifications


  • Maximum client IT load of 2.7 MW
  • Dual path
  • UPS in 2N configuration
  • Diesel generator in 2N configuration
  • Power supply: up to 3kW/rack


  • Preregistration
  • Photo identification
  • Integrated circuit (IC) card authentication
  • Anti-tailgating system
  • Escort by data center engineer


  • Carrier neutral
  • Multiple Local Carrier Entry from diversified paths
  • NTT Network Node
  • Multi cloud interconnection platform to connect our clients to major cloud service providers
  • Redundant Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms 


  • Air-cooling system
  • N+1 configuration

At a Glance

At a Glance

Experience in Asia

NTT operates 98 data centers across the Asia Pacific region with 182,000 sqm of data center space (an additional 26,000 sqm under development). All data centers provide peace of mind and minimize risk through our long history of trust and financial stability. We have been in business in Malaysia for more than 15 years and were the first foreign company to achieve recognition in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).



Serving the Cyberjaya area

Cyberjaya 4 Data Center is only a 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The data center is located in Cyberjaya, a special IT district in Kuala Lumpur, where natural disaster risks including earthquakes and tsunamis are extremely low and there is a stable public infrastructure.

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