• Webcast: AI and Predictive Analytics in Smart Factories

Process automation, predictive maintenance, additive production – the factory of the future is data-driven. The manufacturing sector is experiencing a tremendous transformation powered by digital technologies that enable production plants and machines. Practically all processes and units are affected and optimized; with the ultimate goal being to create a smart factory that is capable of managing itself, through AI and predictive analytics.

  • What is the potential of data in manufacturing?
  • Which technologies are supporting the factories of the future?
  • How can appropriate solutions be applied and used?

On October 28, 2020 the Technology Experience Lab brought together several highly experienced experts from different fields to give you valuable insights and answer your questions about this topic.

The webcast recording in its entirety can be found here.

The individual presentations can be found below:

Dominik Friedel, Business Development Manager, Global Data Centers division of NTT Ltd.

Olivia Lewis, Data Science Team Lead, The Unbelievable Machine Company

Christos Votskos, Principal Technical Consultant & Head of DaaS, DevoTeam

Sebastian Schleser, Technology Architect, Siemens

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